Sprockets: 48dp or 64dp?

In the exciting world of RC drifting, two crucial components play a major role in your vehicle's performance: the pinion and the sprocket. These transmission components not only determine the speed and acceleration of your RC car, but also influence its ability to drift with precision and efficiency.

Pinionand Sprocket: Definitions

  • The Pinion is the small gear wheel attached directly to the motor shaft. Its size and number of teeth are decisive in transmitting power from the engine to the wheels.
  • The crown wheel is the large gear that meshes with the pinion. Attached to the transmission shaft that drives the wheels, the ring gear receives the driving force from the pinion to propel the car.

Difference between 64dP and 48dP

The distinction between 64P and 48P lies in their "pitch" - the term "P" standing for "tooth pitch", which measures the density of teeth on a gearwheel. Pitch is essential because it influences the smoothness of the transmission and the precision of the fit between pinion and crown.

  • 64P: A finer pitch, with 64 teeth per inch. 64P systems offer a smoother transmission and are often preferred for racing and high-precision applications, where careful control of speed and acceleration is crucial.
  • 48P: With a coarser pitch of 48 teeth per inch, 48P systems are robust and forgiving, ideal for beginners or for racing conditions where durability takes precedence over extreme precision.

Calculating the ratio between 48dP and 64dP

The transmission ratio between pinion and ring gear is crucial to optimizing the performance of your RC drift car. This ratio, usually expressed as a division (pinion/crown), determines the acceleration and maximum speed of your vehicle.

The ratio calculation is directly influenced by the "pitch", as it determines the actual size of the pinion and crown gear that can mesh together. For a given system, either 48P or 64P, you first need to choose pinions and crown wheels that are compatible in terms of pitch.

  • Gear conversion for RC Drift Cars

From 64p to 48p

To convert the number of teeth on a 64p crown (pitch) to its equivalent in 48p, use the following formula:

Number of teeth in 48p=(64Number of teeth in 64p)×48

From 48p to 64p

To convert the number of teeth on a 48p crown to its equivalent in 64p, apply this formula:

Number of teeth in 64p=(48Number of teeth in 48p)×64

These formulas maintain a similar physical dimension between the two pitch standards, ensuring optimum compatibility of transmission components for your RC drift vehicles.

This adjusts the number of teeth to maintain a similar physical dimension between the two pitch standards.
In summary, the choice between 48P and 64P depends on your performance and durability needs, while the precise calculation of the transmission ratio will help you optimize your RC drift car for the desired speed, acceleration and handling.